“Learn entrepreneurial skillsets to drive your ambitions forward.”

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What is the Applied Entrepreneurship program?

“AE teaches you how to reframe problems, validate solutions, and bring an entrepreneurial approach to any challenge.”


Challenge yourself with an immersive learning experience.

  • 4 day intensive program
  • Next session: November 5-8
  • $12,500 tuition
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Learn valuable skills on weeknights or weekends.

  • 10 week course
  • Starting November 5
  • $12,500 tuition
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Study online at your own pace.

  • 40 hours of video tutorials & assignments
  • $4,500 tuition
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Where do AE: participants work?

“AE is for everyone, and has been taught at premier companies around the world.”

“Investigating and reframing the problem has changed how I act as a professional.”

Mark Riley
Dow Jones

What courses do you offer?

“The Applied Entrepreneurship curriculum is taught in 9 applicable modules.”

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Why entrepreneurship?

Learn about what we believe entrepreneurship stands for and how it can help you!

How to spot an opportunity

Problems are the key to understanding what possible opportunities lie in front of you.

How to listen to customers

The customer is always right - learn how top gather and incorporate feedback as your iterate on your idea.

How to get buy-in to your idea

Identify potential stakeholders and adaptive your idea to a clear narrative.

Pitch your idea

To each their own style of pitching - but learn the tactics that will make your pitch successful

Wireframe your idea

Wireframing is a simple tool to illustrate what is in your mind - a product wireframe can be mightier than a 1000 words!

Working with freelancers

You shouldn't do everything alone - learn how to leverage freelancers who can help with big and small tasks.

Introduction to signal mining

Specific tactics for marketing tests with real users. Market signal is always better than your gut feeling.

Write a 0-to-1 business plan

Plan a path forward to make your idea a reality.

Who are my instructors?

“All instructors are successful NYC tech entrepreneurs.”

Philip Petersen

Partner at Prehype and co-founder of Crafted By and Whitespace

Philip has been building products and businesses for 20+ years. He also helps corporations and entrepreneurs co-create new businesses together. He thinks a lot about entrepreneurship and how it can help the world.

Dan Shipper

EIR at Prehype and co-founder of Firefly

Dan is an entrepreneur and writer living in New York City. He is currently consulting for several startups in NYC and working on an illustrated novella about entrepreneurship.

What is AE based on?

“AE is built on the experiences of our entrepreneurs, many of whom are guest speakers.”

Saman Rahmanian

Co-founder Managed by Q and Roman Health

Saman is a wiz at finding the narrative around your idea - and form it into a pitch.

Leif Abraham

Cofounder of And.Co

If you every wanted to understand how you can tackle a virtual team, Leif is your guy!

Henrik Werdelin

Co-founder of BARK

Henrik has seen thousands of business pitches. Hear his thoughts on what makes the difference when pitching to investors or important stakeholders

“My instructors were battle-tested entrepreneurs who applied their knowledge to my ideas.”

Christian Brix

How do I learn more?

“Watch our WSJ video series.”

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Our video series explains how you can apply entrepreneurship to any career and to your personal life.

Together with entrepreneurs, non-profit executives, business professionals, investors and academics we outline a mindset and skillsets that can be used by anyone.

The series is created by Prehype and is currently available through The Wall Street Journal.